20 different ways to use your portrait or headshot images

Ever had the thought “what am I going to do with all these photos of myself?

Whether it’s a Headshot session or portrait photos your images can be used in many different ways in your everyday life!

Here are 20 ways you can use your portrait or headshot images:

  • Social media profile picture: Use your image as your profile picture on all of your social media accounts.
  • Personal website: Feature your image on your personal website.
  • Business website: Use your headshot on your business website’s “About” page or in your staff directory.
  • Business cards: Include your portrait or headshot on your business cards.
  • Email signature: Use your photo as part of your email signature.
  • Professional networking sites: Use your headshot on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.
  • Dating: Use your portrait on a dating site!
  • Resume/CV: Include your image on your resume or CV.
  • Press releases: Use your image when you issue press releases.
  • Public speaking engagements: Use your headshot on promotional materials for your public speaking engagements.
  • Conferences and events: Use your photo on promotional materials for conferences and events you attend.
  • Online courses: Use your photo on promotional materials for the online courses you offer.
  • Author profiles: Use it on author profiles for books you’ve written.
  • Podcasts: Use your headshot on promotional materials for podcasts you host or appear on.
  • Guest blog posts: Use your portrait or headshot when submitting guest blog posts.
  • Book covers: Use your portrait or headshot on book covers for books you’ve written.
  • Flyers and brochures: Use your portrait or headshot on promotional materials such as flyers and brochures.
  • Magazine and newspaper articles: Use it when featured in magazine and newspaper articles.
  • YouTube videos: Use your photo as your profile picture on your YouTube channel.
  • Online profiles: Use your portrait or headshot on any online profiles you have, such as on forums or message boards.
  • Personal use: Use your images as framed photos in your home or office, or as a gift for family and friends.

With the help of a professional photographer (like us), you can create a range of high-quality images that can be used across a variety of platforms and mediums.

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