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Lemme just start by saying, I FREAKIN' LOVE WEDDINGS

I’ve done lots of them and I believe having a photographer that’s fun (hell yeah, I am) and makes the wedding day feel relaxed is numero uno. I’m the photographer that becomes your friend and cries behind the camera while you two exchange vows. The one that also makes sure you two look flawless (hello, Beyoncé and Jay-z) and do whatever it takes to get your best angles. Yup, that includes going in bushes.

That’s me; Paying attention, capturing all the emotions, and the silly and unexpected moments. I’m here to make sure you have the freakin’ best, most enjoyable and stress-free photo experience EVER. Never missing a moment. I give a shizzz about your wedding day. All you have to do is have fun, get tipsy, get married, and let me take care of the rest.