Fun Things To Do While You’re In Phoenix Arizona

So you planned a trip to Arizona, and now you don’t know what to do?! Obviously, cacti are a must, but there are so many cool things to do here that you probably haven’t heard of. I’ve been living in Arizona since I was 17 years, and I’ve about seen everything and ate all the best foods. Next time you’re in Arizona, you have to do these things!


2. Stay at The Phoenician

The Phoenician is one of the coolest and most beautiful hotels in Arizona. Besides having gorgeous views, it has great food and restaurants that will satisfy your tastebuds.  See photos of Phoenician and reviews here. Wanna stay somewhere else? View the Top 7 Hotels In Phoenix.


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2. Visit the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a must-see for any person visiting Arizona! The garden has thousands of species of cactus, trees and flowers from all around the world spread across 55 acres. You might need a whole day for this, but the adventure is so worth it!

While you’re there, you can go next door to Butterfly Wonderland. This place is AMAZING! You walk into the garden and there are hundreds of butterflies fluttering all around you. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.


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3. Eat food while you’re spinning.

Yup. That’s right. You can literally eat your food while moving in a 360 circle at Compass Arizona Grill! No, it’s not like a gravity ball ride at the amusement park, it just turns slowly enough to watch the views and walk. They have lots of vegetarian options, but I suggest trying the Calamari, its delish. Check out some reviews here.


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4. See the entire city (and watch the sunset) at South Mountain Park

Dobbins Lookout is seriously my favorite place to visit! The sunset there is breathtaking and really makes you love the world we live in. Once the skylights go out, the nightlife begins and you can see the city lights illuminating. It’s one of my favorite places to meditate. Best part? It’s FREE! p.s. I suggest going on a weekday as weekends get pretty busy.


5. Eat at Little Miss BBQ

Oh emmmm geee. Little Miss BBQ. I’m NOT JOKING. YOU-MUST-EAT-HERE lol. This place is so good, its open from 11am-4pm or until the food runs out, and the food is gone by 1 pm. People line up an hour or two EARLY just to get food, every single day. They have so many barbeque dishes, but my all-time favorite is the pulled pork sandwich!


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6. Go on a hot air balloon ride

The best part about Arizona is that is mostly flat so you’re able to see everything if you’re above ground. Going on a hot air balloon at sunrise is something everyone should have on their bucket list. Take your camera with you and watch the amazing sunrise for two. If you feel like adventuring the sky, contact Rainbow Ryders here in Phoenix.


7. Go water tubbing

You can go tubbing down The Salt River! You’ll be floating on a tube, drinking beer, listening to music while the river currents take you on a ride. Don’t worry, the river is about 4 feet deep so you won’t fall to your death. The trail goes in a big loop so you’ll safely end at another location and won’t float away to a mysterious location. Lots of horses drink from the river so you’ll be able to see wild horses while you’re there. It’s about $17 per person. Just remember to bring lots of sunscreen, food, and a floaty with a canopy so you won’t burn from the sun. The ride is about 8 hours long but so worth it.


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8. Eat LOTS of tacos. Taco Chiwas to be exact.

Tacos are a big thing here (okay, okay, they are a big thing for me haha). Not every taco is made the same, and Taco Chiwas makes one of the best tacos here in Phoenix. Their savory, juicy meat will have you craving more tacos. Just remember to go on an empty stomach.

There are also many restaurants you can choose from. See the top 10 best restaurants here.


9. Get your engagement (or family) photos taken

Okay, so you’re here in Phoenix, visiting all the cool places and yummy restaurants, but what about taking photos while you’re here?


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