How To Pick The Right Location

The location of your session plays a huge role in the image outcome. Not only does it set the tone, but it helps show your personality.

Choosing the right location can be difficult at the time, with so many options, the pressure to pick the perfect one can be very stressful.

I just want to say that no matter where you pick, I promise to deliver fun, great images. I got you boo!
This is my profession, my talent; its what I love the most. I guarantee it. So don’t think about it too much, and remember to have some fun where searching for your dreamy location.

here are some tips for picking your location:

Natural light is my jam. The lighting during golden hour is seriously divine. Not only does it help create glowy and beautiful portraits, but it complements your skin. The even light produced by the golden hour (2 hours before sunset through actual sunset) flatters your skin and makes you look 10 years younger.

golden light wedding sunset hour at a beautiful destination arizona wedding


Do you love the desert? how about a more downtown modern area? maybe you just love the water and wish you lived closer to the beach. Whichever it is, most of our clients want to showcase their favorite natural beauty. I personally love shooting in the desert because it truly showcases the beauty of Arizona. We both know it’s not all sands and tumbleweeds, but your aunt who’s never visited Arizona might not. Think outside the box: This is the perfect time to be creative and brainstorm locations that you might have access to that others don’t. Does your best friend own a beautiful private estate? Do you have a family ranch or boat a the lake? this is a great time to use them!

Here’s a frequent question I get asked: “Can you choose the location for us?” Ummm heck yes, I will! But…its more special when you get to decide your session location. Why? Well, maybe there is a coffee shop in downtown where you and your honey first met. The same coffee shop that he got down on one knee and asked you to be with him for the rest of his life. Its special, it means the world to you… but I didn’t know that. How meaningful would it be if you would have picked that location for your engagement photos? Can you just imagine the love? This, my friend, plays a huge role in how your experience will be; and I want you to have the best one possible!



A few questions to ask yourself while you look for a location:

  • Is the location accessible?
  • Are you allowed to take pictures there?
  • Is it a public place? (depending on how popular it is, there could be people in the background)
  • is it safe?


One last thing, don’t be afraid to ask for my opinion, It’s my duty to serve you and I love more than anything to help my clients have a stress free experience. Just let me know which type of session you have in mind and we can go from there.

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