Crescent Bay Engagement

Ya know that feeling you get when you vibe with someone so well, you feel like you could be friends forever? Well, this is the story I’m about to tell you. We set off to Crescent Bay for Lizzy and Jacobb’s Engagement session and I never laughed so hard. Lizzy and I met online through facebook if you can believe it, and our friendship was amazing because I literally felt like I was visiting old friends. They made me feel like I’ve known them for years and we just met in person for the first time at their engagement session.

Our session started at Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach and ended watching the sunset (still in Laguna lol). We also almost had our stuff stolen by seagulls, and got attacked by waves haha but hey! It was still a blast. Enjoy this Crescent Bay Engagement, and keep scrolling to see them almost getting swallowed by the waves 🤣

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