Its really annoying trying to find styling boards and kits online only to find websites that sell the smallest of ribbons for $40 – $120! So I literally spent an entire day searching my heart out for more affordable items that made still looked amazing! I put together a list (with photos) of all the item I love from Amazon!

1.Handmade Fringe Chiffon Silk-Like Ribbons Samples

I love these ribbons! They look so good on camera and come in different colors! Its a sample pack of 4 different tones of a color. They come in Ballet Nudes, Burnt Sienna, French Valtramarine (photo), Rose Dore, Vandyke Brown, Verona Green.


2. Velvel Ring Box

While it might not be a square like the famous The Mrs. Box, It still a pretty and THE EXACT SAME MATERIAL. Also, it’s $50 less expensive. This box comes in Light Gray, Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Deep Purple, Mint, and Navy Blue!


3. Distressed Silver Tray

This is not real silver, I think? But It’s still pretty and has a Matte finish so you won’t see your reflection while shooting from above! Size is 17.75″L x 10.5″W x 1.5″, so its pretty big! 


4. Rosie Pump

Okay, this might not be useful for a wedding since your brides will be bringing their own shoes, but you can always suggest this to them! Also, if you want to practice your shoe photos, or are planning a styled shoot, you can totally get these!


5. Vintage Stamps

GUYS! These are 500 STAMPS FOR $14!! I don’t need to say more. It’s a great deal!!


6. Cheese Cloth Gauze Table Runner

I got this one in white for styling! It’s long enough for a table but its think so I can use to for details if I scrunch it together! They Have lots of color options!!


7. Chiffon Table Runner

This comes in so many colors as well and its pretty long! 47×120-inches! You can use this for ring shots to add more depth to the image.


8. Plastic Hook with Adhesive

Sometimes, you don’t have a place to hand the dress or suit! This is a LIFESAVER for those moments where you have a pretty wall and no hook! It holds up to 5lbs or even 7lbs and you can just remove it when you’re done 🙂 Good to buy a few of these but not in bulk because the adhesive becomes weak over time.


9. Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Last but not least!! This is where I stash all the goods for the day! haha.


I hope this blog post was helpful!!!




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