Best Amazon Finds For Wedding Photographers

Its really annoying trying to find styling boards and kits online only to find websites that sell the smallest of ribbons for $40 – $120! So I literally spent an entire day searching my heart out for more affordable items that made still looked amazing! I put together a list (with photos) of all the items I love from Amazon!

1.Handmade Fringe Chiffon Silk-Like Ribbons Samples

I love these ribbons! They look so good on camera and come in different colors! Its a sample pack of 4 different tones of colors. They come in Ballet Nudes, Burnt Sienna, French Valtramarine (photo), Rose Dore, Vandyke Brown, Verona Green.


2. Velvel Ring Box

While it might not be a square like the famous The Mrs. Box, It still a pretty and THE EXACT SAME MATERIAL. Also, it’s $50 less expensive. This box comes in Light Gray, Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Deep Purple, Mint, and Navy Blue!


3. Distressed Silver Tray

This is not real silver, I think? But It’s still pretty and has a Matte finish so you won’t see your reflection while shooting from above! Size is 17.75″L x 10.5″W x 1.5″, so its pretty big! 


4. Rosie Pump

Okay, this might not be useful for a wedding since your brides will be bringing their own shoes, but you can always suggest this to them! Also, if you want to practice your shoe photos, or are planning a styled shoot, you can totally get these!


5. Vintage Stamps

GUYS! These are 500 STAMPS FOR $14!! I don’t need to say more. It’s a great deal!!


6. Chiffon Runners

I got this one in white for styling! It’s long enough for a table but its think so I can use to for details if I scrunch it together! They have lots of color options too!! You can use this for ring shots to add more depth to the image.


7. Plastic Hook with Adhesive

Sometimes, you don’t have a place to hand the dress or suit! This is a LIFESAVER for those moments where you have a pretty wall and no hook! It holds up to 5lbs or even 7lbs and you can just remove it when you’re done 🙂 Good to buy a few of these but not in bulk because the adhesive becomes weak over time.


8. Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Last but not least!! This is where I stash all the goods for the day! haha.


I hope this blog post was helpful!!!




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