The VIP Referral Program​

What an honor it is when you recommend your loved ones to us!

It always makes us do a happy dance!

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As a small business, we thrive on client reviews and referrals. After all, when your friend recommends a restaurant, you immediately want to try it, right?

well...we want Return the favor!

This is why we created our referral program!


Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

Nope! There is no limit to how many friends you bring to us!

Can I stack up my rewards?

Yes! You can stack up your credit towards a session or products!

I changed my mind about the $100 credit, can I switch over and get it cash instead?

No. This is used as studio credit only. It is not cashable. Does starbucks cash out their points? Nope!

So I can use my credits to get a session 100% free?!

Yes. If you have enough credits, you can get your session free of charge! There will be a small commitment fee THAT IS FULLY REFUNDABLE of $200 to book a date on the calendar.

Can you give me an example of how they can be used?

You have earned $1000 in credits. Session fee is normally 600. You use all this credit to book your session. You pay $200 refundable commitment fee. New credit amount is 1200. That means you have 800 left to spend for products at your session. 200 paid - 600 session fee = 400 credits used to cover the remaining session retainer, 1200 - 400 is 800.

Can I keep earning if my friend continues to book?

You can't earn multiple credits for the same referral. In other words, you will only earn one credit per NEW person you refer who pays for a session.

Can I transfer my credits to someone else?

Credits are non-transferable. You may choose to either forfeit the credit or use it accordingly.

How long do I have to use my credit?

The credit you earn will not expire. But, the cost of a session might change with time. If we end the program for any reason, all credits will automatically expire.

Can I use my credits on my discounted session?

Credits are only allowed to be used with full sessions only. You cannot combine offers or discounts.

Program Terms and Conditions


The terms “Photographer,” “photography team,” “us,” “we,” and “our” refer to Gabby Canario Photography LLC and all agents, employees, or other representatives.

The terms “you”, “referrer”, and “your” refer to the Client and all agents, employees, or other representatives.

The terms “friend”, “Referred client”, and “referee” refer to the Client’s referral person and all agents, employees, or other representatives.

The term “including” means “including, but not limited to.”

This program is for past and current clients of Gabby Canario Photography LLC DBA Gabby Canario Portraits only. This means the Referrer must be have paid and booked a session with Gabby Canario Portraits in the past or currently in the calendar. Referred client MUST book and complete their session with us to use their credit. If they book and then cancel their session, the credit is forfeited. The Referred client must make full payment and complete their session before the Referrer can receive credit. We offer one credit for each successful referral that results in a paid session. We do not provide multiple credits for the same referral.

The “$100 session credit” cannot be transferred and has no cash value. They cannot be applied to previous purchases or bookings. Referral credits are non-redeemable for money or any other services except sessions. Referrer will be given credit for a future session only after the client they referred has fully paid for and had their session.

The “$50 Cash” rewards are not transferable and must be claimed within 48 hours after the session date of the friend you referred. If not claimed within 48 hours after their friend’s session date, it will be marked on their profile as “$100 session credit”.

The reward will be given to the person mentioned by the Referee at the time of booking if multiple clients refer the same friend. If no referral name is provided before inquiring, no referral credit or reward will be dispersed to either party.

You can earn unlimited credit through accruing rewards. Referral credit may not be combined with any other sales, specials, or offers. This program may be terminated at any time, without reason or warning, which would result in the forfeiture and expiration of all rewards.