Should I Take Engagement Photos? Are They Worth It?

Here’s a very popular question, “Are engagement photos necessary?”. This is probably one of the most popular questions in a couples mind when planning their wedding so it’s important to talk about!

Are you YAY or NAY for engagement photos?

Want to know what I think?

YES! Its a BIG yay for me! I believe engagement photos are so important! You’re only engaged for a short while, so having photos to show and remember that part of your life is so special! Engagement photos are not only soooo pretty but there are so many benefits to getting it done.


Here are some pros and cons of getting engagement photos and you can decide if you’re team yay or team nay:

1. It Boosts the romance! You’re only engaged ONCE, That’s it! and it’s very short lived! Before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle. Getting your engagement photos taken could be a big romance booster for you and your babe. This is the most romantic stage of your relationship, why not show the world how much you love each other!

2. It’s the start of your wedding album. Engagement photos could be the start of your wedding album! Think about the times you’re looking through your mother’s or grandparents old photos and you see their engagement photos in the album? well, you don’t, because they most likely never took any! How amazing would these be 40 years down the road when your kids or grandkids are looking at your family heirlooms and see these? something to think about!

3. You get to trial your makeup for the wedding – YES! Ya heard right! I always recommend this: Pick your makeup artist, use her trial for the engagement session! We can coordinate when she will be available and BOOM. You get to have amazing hair and makeup for your engagement session and awesome photos!

4. You get to know how your photographer shoots! 95% of the time, brides will choose to get their engagement photos done by the same photographer that will be doing their wedding. The only time that you will get to experience your photographer at work is at an engagement session and your wedding. Getting a session done beforehand helps with the nerves of posing before your big day and lets you build a relationship with the photographer. You’ll get to see exactly how they work and to see if they know what the hell they are doing.

“Our engagement picture session was an extra $300, but I thought it was totally worth it. We were able to meet and work with our photographer, and I think this will allow us to feel more relaxed the day of. Plus, I loved how our e-pics turned out, so I feel a bit more at ease about the wedding pictures that she captured us as a couple really well.” – Chelsea

1. They are an added cost to your wedding package. Most photographers require you to pay extra for engagement photos. the average engagement session cost anywhere from $400 – $800. That’s on top of the package they probably offer. Even if they are costly, I think its an investment you should take a chance on. I rather get my engagement photos done than drop that money on a new iPhone lol

2. It’s awkward (If your photographer sucks). Being nervous is normal. I even get nervous when I get my photos done for my website. For some people, being the center of attention, especially in a public place, is nerve racking! It’s understandable, but a good photographer will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable during the session. If you’re the type that does not want to be stared by random people, pick a location that not so busy. I make sure all my clients feel comfortable and leave no space for the awkward silence!


Well, the pros really outweigh the cons here, but what do you think? are you “pro” engagement photos or not? Let me know below!






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