What Are Detail Shots And Why Do They Matter?

You’ve probably heard “detail shots” somewhere on the internet. Whether it was a hashtag, blog, or maybe your best friend preparing her detail box for her photographer. If you’re engaged and you’re preparing your timeline with your photographer, you’ll hear this too. But what the hell is it?! and what does it include???

detail shots of the wedding day pretty flowers and bridal dress stationery invitations

Detail shots are just that, shots of the little small details of your wedding day! This includes the dress, suit, shoes, invitations, rings, perfume, vowes, bouquet, watch, boutonniere, tie, etc. Other details of the day include the ceremony decor, signs, reception decor, and dessert table.


Well, you spent so much time planning, researching, picking this over that and sometimes even obsessing over the small little details of the day only to be forgotten the day after your wedding. Imagine the feeling after you see all of your planning and details come to life on your wedding day?! Ummm yeah, I’d want photos of that too! Remember that invitations get lost, shoes get torn, dress sits in the closet collecting dust but the photos you have of those items is what keeps the memory alive!


The first thing you should consider is having enough time to take photos of those details. For me, It takes me an hour to photograph the dress hanging, bouquet, suits, shoes, and other heirlooms that are special to you.an 8-hour timeline would be perfect to get details, shots of you and babe, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and ceremony and reception. I always start the details shots as soon as I get to the venue when the bride/groom are still getting ready, chilling with their party, or putting makeup on. I’ll find you and ask for the detail box and take them outside to photograph. I’ll have those items with me, which means you won’t be able to get your dress/suit on until they are done being photographed. My second shooter will be with me and also running back and forth to make sure bride/groom don’t come to the area I’m shooting so they don’t see the dress/suit before the ceremony.so


The best way to prepare is to have everything in a box ready for me before I get there. Get everything together the day before and label the box DETAILS. Think of all the items you want to be photographed, and any special gifts, like the first teddy bear he gave you when you were dating, and put that in the box! WARNING: the only thing you shouldn’t put in there is the dress and suit, I will get those separately. I say this because you could have perfume or lipstick and if it melts or spills, your wedding attire could get ruined!


detail shots of the wedding day pretty flowers and bridal shoes stationery invitations


Detail shots are a great way to tell the story of the day and show off those small items you worked so hard to purchase and plan.

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