I’m ALLLLLL Up For An Adventure…and if it involves trying different foods around the world, or going to Disney, even freaking better!!! Being in the wedding world means I get to travel all around and document couples. I’m based in Arizona but currently expanded to So Cal. I also travel to Florida multiple times a year because my daddy lives there and I can’t live without ’em. I’m super down to travel, so check here for travel dates. If I’m already traveling to your state, no travel fees will apply because that’s not cool. Also, if you’re getting married somewhere on my bucket list, you could qualify for discounted pricing / waived travel fees!

Travel Fees

Out-of-state engagement sessions – Fee waived if I’m already traveling to your area. If I don’t have plans to travel to your location yet, then fees equal cost of tickets + other traveling arrangements and mainland expenses.

Out-of-state weddings – So many variables to put on my website but basically it depends on miles, cost of travel, mainland expenses, 2nd shooter (if you need one) cost.