Tips To Keep Your Guests Dancing On The Dance Floor



Tip #1: Make sure you’re playing the right kind of music.
The first step to ensuring a packed dance floor is to create your playlist based on the musical tastes of your guests. Play songs that resonate with them. If they like the music they’ll dance to it. Songs that pack dance floors usually have at least one of the following elements in them regardless of the style or decade that they were written in:
  • Songs that have a good dance beat (where the drumbeat is consistent and doesn’t drop out).
  • Songs where the guests know the words and can sing along (sing-a-longs, anthems, etc…).
  • Songs that bring back memories of a different time (the high school/college years).
  • Songs that have a “call to action” in them. (Lyrics that tell you what to do).
  • Hit songs, (either classic or current). Playing an artist’s unrecognizable tracks will typically empty your dance floor.

Tip #2: Allowing song requests.
Guests tend to stay longer and have more fun at weddings where they feel like they can participate in the celebration. Allowing song requests is one way that they can contribute. (We’ll filter through requests to make sure the songs fit and aren’t on your “do not play” list). Guests love it when they hear “their” song. 

Tip #3: The Layout
Your room set up will have a big impact on keeping your guests engaged and having fun all night long. If dancing is to be the focus, then make the dance floor the focal point: In the center of the room with your bridal table on the top side and the DJ on the opposite side. 


Tip #4: Keep the party together
If you’re having a photo booth and/or a bar, try to keep them in the same room as the dancing. When guests leave to go outside the main room the atmosphere changes which can affect their energy level. It also gives the appearance that the party is thinning-out inside the room.

BONUS: Most requested songs 
The most important thing is that the music is fun, helping to make your day the best day ever! Check out the most requested wedding dance songs from across the US here:


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