You’re Engaged! Things To Do Right After You Say Yes

WOOHOO! Congrats!!! This is such an exciting time for you, and you should probably throw a little celebration party (or two). Before you throw that party though, there are some things you should consider doing as soon as you get engaged! here are just a few things to do right after you say yes…

Call your immediate family (and besties) FIRST.

Obviously, mom will really be upset if she sees you’re engaged on Snapchat or Facebook before you actually tell her! Always call your loved ones, especially your parents, before posting those pictures on social media!


Get Your Ring Insured

You have heard the stories, but you don’t think they will happen to you. That’s also what Kim Kardashian thought before she lost her wedding ring in the lake! This is a very sentimental gift, and expensive. Make sure you get insurance for it! You can add the ring to your homeowners or renter’s policy with some paperwork required. There are jewelry stores that offer insurance as well, so ask your fiancee if he/she already has insurance on it. If the answer is no, make a trip together to get it sized and insured.

Get a manicure & post your ring selfie

Well Duh! we need our nails to look killer. people will be looking at that rock all day! If you don’t want to do all that for a photo, that’s fine! I just thought I should throw this in here!

Set a date, but be flexible!

I see this over and over again, you make the announcement and the first question you get asked is “when’s the wedding?!”. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming! I suggest the first thing you do is come up with a date, or even a month you want your wedding to take place in. Then, you can respond with a date or “Sometime next February!” or “In the winter! keep an eye out for the invitations!”. Picking a date is really helpful in the planning stages too.

Choose your #TeamBride

Most likely, the girls you call first will probably be in your wedding party! But it’s important to choose your bridesmaids wisely. Remember, don’t choose people because you feel like you have to. It’s your wedding, and you should not feel obligated to do anything.

Create a budget!

You won’t know how much you’ll need to spend if you don’t make a budget! If you don’t write anything down, you’ll be spending way more than you think. It’s similar to when we get our direct deposits and 2 days later we check out accounts and have $5.00 left. “Uh, what the hell happened to our money!?” It’s hard to keep count when you just swipe and don’t physically see the changes, so make sure you are jotting things down!  ***Get the free budget worksheet***

Start a Wedding Savings Account

All weddings cost money. The last thing you want is owing money to people or banks. create a savings account for your wedding and consider borrowing and less as possible. A great savings tool is Qapital. It has cool features like

  • Unlimited transfers between your Qapital accounts that happen in seconds, not days.
  • Real-time transaction notifications.
  • Always up-to-date account balance and transaction info.
  • Instant access to funds when you complete a goal.

Plus you can set money transfers for indulgences, for example, you give in and buy that milkshake at Sonic, Qapital takes $10 from your bank account and adds it to your savings. They even have a Visa debit card to go along with your account! You can even share your goal savings account with another person, like your fiance, and on his own account with his own bank linked! How cool is that!

Check Out Qapital

Find the perfect photographer

When the party is over and people go home, the only thing you’ll leave with is your spouse, your photos, and your memories. Getting a photographer for your day is a must! Wedding photographers book up pretty quickly. The average wedding photographer books a year in advance! Make sure when you have your date locked that you start searching for your venue and photographer right away! A good photographer will ask about your needs and what you want for YOUR wedding day. Even if a photographer is way out of your budget, I would still inquiry! you never know what you guys can work out!

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