Stop being basic and start booking clients – a little advice


1. Are you typing like every other photographer around you?
2. Are you booking your dream clients?
Here’s the truth: If you answered yes to the second question, then, you, my friend, are gettin’ GHOSTED.

Maybe you’re not booking clients because you’re searching other photographer’s “About Me” sections and copying and pasting little bits and pieces until you have the perfect sentences that DOESN’T EVEN SOUND LIKE YOU! (don’t feel bad, I did this too)

Be honest, is this you?

Do you know that almost every photographer says the same things on their website?
“My passion is to capture your love story”
“My dream for photography started when I was young”
“I want to capture your day in the most elegant way possible”
“Upon our inquiry, I will send you beautiful curated pdf with..”
“Congratulations on your engagement! I am so excited to your with you, I am available on your date of..”

Are you using any of these?? or anything that sounds similar?
Let me give you a little advice. STOP IT NOW.

read your “about me” OUT LOUD and think, “is this something I would say to a friend?”

If you sound weird saying it out loud, chances are, your potential clients are reading this and 1, they’re not connecting to you, and 2, you’re not sounding like yourself.

Sometimes being like everyone else is harming. Think about this.
We want to think that our clients are contacting us because they just love us soooo much. But to tell you the truth, they probably have different tabs open with different photogs in the area.
Your job is to be different. Its to stand out from the rest so you finally get that email inquiry, right?

So imagine you have 4 tabs open and they all sounded like this:

“My name is ______ and I’m a photographer in Miami, Florida. My goal is to capture your story and my love for photography started at just 12 years old.”

and the last tab sounded like this…

“My friends call me Gabby, but my best friends know me as goofy. I was born and raised in a little Island called the Dominican Republic and came to AZ at just 10 years young. My business started almost 4 years ago, when I was starting to prep for nursing school and took an elective photography class (but seriously though, I am terrified of needles, so what was I thinking in the first place). My love for photography grew with a passion to help others have a stress-free and unforgettable experience. My posing style? what posing! This is about having fun! Candid moments are my favorite and making you run and jump on each other so you fall and roll down the hill is my job

WOW! Which photographer would you choose?

if you’re wondering, this is the exact “about me” section on my website.
Is it perfect? no.
Does it catch your eye? HELL YEAH.

And ok, ok. Maybe you did fall in love with photography at 12, and maybe you do want to capture their love story, but can we just NOT sound so mono-toned? ADD A LITTLE PERSONALITY TO IT!

I challenge you this week to re-word your “about me” section and add a little spunk to it.
Don’t erase it! Just take a photo of it for safe keeping, copy and paste it to a notepad and under it, rewrite it.
Have your ideal client in mind and just be yourself! Remember, there’s only 1 super cool person like you 🙂

Post your before and afters in the comments below!

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