Top 25 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

25 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer: So, you stocked all the wedding photographers in your area on Instagram and now you’ve probably narrowed it down to the top 3. How do you choose which one is the right one for you? Fact is you’ll be spending more time with your photographer than any other vendor (besides the venue or planner of course). Finding the right photographer is similar to finding your perfect wedding dress. You need them to match your style, your personality, and really enjoy your time together without it feeling uncomfortable (awkwardness sucks!).

The first key to finding the best photographer for you and your needs is viewing their social profiles and reviews online. I put a list of the top 25 most important questions to ask your photographer before you book with them. Just make sure all of these important questions are answered, whether that’s on their website, the FAQs page or in the meeting/emails.

  1. What is your style?
  2. Have you shot at my venue before? Will that matter?
  3. Will you be shooting my wedding? Do you a second shooter?
  4. What if you get sick the day of my wedding?
  5. Do you have insurance?
  6. Can I see a preview gallery of a recent wedding?
  7. What’s in your packages?
  8. Do you charge a travel fee?
  9. Are there any other fees I should be expecting?
  10. What happens if we are running late and go over the hours originally booked?
  11. Can I customize your packages to fit my needs?
  12. When will I receive my wedding photos?
  13. How many images will I be receiving?
  14. How does the album order process work?
  15. What’s the turn around time for prints and albums?
  16. Will I be able to print anywhere I like?
  17. What do you require for booking?
  18. Do you have a payment plan?
  19. What is your refund or cancellation policy?
  20. How will my wedding photos be secured in case of equipment failure?
  21. How will you dress?
  22. What does your wedding photography timelines look like?
  23. How long have you been in business?
  24. What location are you based in?
  25. Do you have contracts in place for my protection?

BONUS: How do you feel about working under pressure? fast-paste environment?

OHHH, yeah that’s a big one. Weddings sometimes can get a bit overwhelming for new photographers, but we professionals have to know how to handle tough situations and take proper action. Sometimes weddings run behind and the timeline gets screwed up so we have to know how to act fast and problem solve. for example, the uncle that keeps interrupting you and your partner’s photo time, and you are just irritated but don’t want to hurt their feelings… We, the photographers, have to step in and nicely tell him to wait.

Hope these questions help you narrow down the perfect photographer for your wedding!








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