Up to 2 Hour Of Shooting Time
2 Locations (within 10ish Miles from each other)
1-2 Outfit Changes
High-Res Online Gallery
8X8 10-Page Photo Guestbook
All Usable Images Delivered.



4 Hours
One Lead Photographer (that’s me)
300-500 High- Resolution Photos
All the high-res images fully edited. color-corrections, blemishes, you name it.
High-resolution photos in a private online gallery with unlimited sharing, downloading for 5 YEARS.
A personal print release so you can print your own photos, whenever, wherever.
Full gallery delivery in 6 weeks.
Help with building a photography timeline that’ll make your day run smoothly.
Access to our private client Facebook support group.



Photo Booth 2 hours
One Backdrop
Boomerangs. Photos, Videos, and Gifs
Online Gallery
Text and Email photos instantly
Delivery, set-up, pick-up
Party Booth Employee


Here’s the honest truth about your wedding day. Your photos are the ONLY thing that will live on from your wedding, that tells the story of the day. That’s such a HUGE value that you will regret not investing on.

Everyone is different and has different visions for their wedding. Some love a Kim K wedding and others are all about intimacy and small groups of close people. Due to every wedding being unique,  my pricing is not one size fits all.

We will talk about what you want for your wedding so I can create a custom quote based on YOUR needs, that way,  you are getting everything you want from your photography experience!

I want you to know that I don’t just pick out a random high number and call it a day. I have bills to pay, and a child to feed. I have to keep my son’s toy collection on fleek. Also, I have thousands of dollars worth of professional gear that I will bring to document your wedding day. There’s editing time, gas, babysitter costs, insurance, and the food I have to put on the table for the fam #singlemomlife.

I invest lots of time and hard work into my business, my couples, and my art. If you’re ready for an unforgettable photography experience, I’m yo girl!

If you’re limited by your budget, hit me up anyway! If you truly feel I’m the photographer for you, I am always open to discuss and see what we can work out!


How many images will I be receiving?

You will receive all of the usable images. I don’t hold anything back. The amount really depends on how long you book us for. If you want a big fat gallery of your wedding day and a beautiful storytelling album, we need to be there for most of the day.

Do you have insurance?

YUUPPP! My insurance covers $1,000,000 of bodily Injury/property damage and $2,000,000+ general and errors. It also covers all my gear and your photos.

What is your deposit and fees?

There is a non-refundable retainer of $1000. The rest is due 60 days before the wedding. Late fees of 1.5% could apply if the remaining balance is not paid on time. There’s also an 8.3% tax fee that I’m required to charge by law.

What if we go over the hours we originally booked you for?

My hourly rate for weddings is $449. Anything wayyyy over that will be charged at that rate. If we go over 30 minutes, I’m not going to charge you. that’s just stupid. Weddings sometimes run behind. If you’d like me to stay longer for another reason I can always stay and add those hours in at the end of the night. That can be paid a few days after the wedding before the sneak peeks or gallery delivery. I won’t release any images until its paid.

My partner doesn't like photos! What do I do?

Don’t worry! The reason why people don’t like photos is that they feel awkward while taking them. I promise you I take the awkwardness away. I’ll play music at our engagement session (if you want me to), I tell jokes and prompt you guys into poses that are natural and showcase your personalities. I had a lot of couples that felt the same way, and after their session was over, they told me they had a blast!

Have you ever shot at our venue? Will this make a difference?

Just because I’ve never shot at your venue doesn’t mean I won’t shoot your wedding correctly. I make sure I visit your venue days BEFORE your wedding so I get a feel of the location. Lighting is tricky, and its constantly changing due to weather. Even if I visit a few days before on an overcast day, it could be a sunny day during your wedding and it will look completely different. This is the reason why I always show up an hour early before your wedding, even before anyone else is there. I scout the area and even start on the wedding details (that’s if you allow me to grab them from you in the am) so I have more time to take portraits of you guys.

We want the engagement session but not the free guestbook. How much would that save me?

whaaaaaaaat? Just take the book ITS FREE! LOL. Seriously though, the book is free for booking an engagement session so there really isn’t any money your saving but, you are loosing out on a pretty cool item. Trust me, years down the road, you will be looking at that signed album and will be so glad you took it.

p.s. the guestbook ordering process is super easy. You choose your favorite images from your gallery and then I create the book for you. Then, I send it to you to revise! If you wanna make changes, I’ll do that and then sent it again to revise! You get 5 free revisions. You can also choose different colors but the guestbook template is always the same. I can send a template example if you’d like!

What if you get sick and can't show up to our wedding?

First of all, that is not a good excuse to miss a wedding. It’s A FREAKING WEDDING! I’m not calling off sick because I don’t feel good. I need to suck it up. I’ve been to a wedding feeling a little sick and it did not get in the way of my ability to perform. If something tragic happens, like a fire and I’m literally stuck in a building and cannot escape, my very experienced second shooter assistant, which I trust with my life, will shoot the wedding.

When will I receive my photos?

.As soon as I get home, I double-backup all of your wedding images. As I do this, I edit a few and send them to you. Your gallery can be expected 6 weeks after your wedding date. The gallery is super easy to open. All I do is send you an email with your gallery link and boom! you’re in. This gallery will be backed up for 5 years! The cool part is you can share, download, and print all of your favorite images! You can even create postcards, invitations, and albums.

You pose people in water. What if I don't like that?

I love posing couples in fun natural environments because that’s just my personality. I love it just as equally as intimate photos. I know wedding dresses are expensive af. If you don’t want to get it dirty, then I feel you! I wouldn’t want to get my 4k wedding dress muddy either. Don’t worry, we will keep it as clean as possible. Just a heads up though, wedding dresses will get a little dirty from walking around and dancing. I can assure you that dirt won’t show up in your images.

You're out of our budget. Are you able to work with us?

I get it. Money is a sensitive subject. Even for me. As an entrepreneur, I don’t have a 401k or benefits… I have to pay for our doctor and dental visits with our hard earned money. and the rest of it? Tax season takes ALMOST half of that every single year. While I truly would LOVE to work with everyone’s budgets, it’s not possible sometimes because I have hard costs I need to pay to stay in business. I do try my best to make it work. If something is out of your budget, talk to me! I won’t know what your concerns are unless you speak up 🙂

My wedding is out-of-state, can I still book?

ABSOLUTELY! I love traveling, especially to new places. If I’m traveling to your state before the wedding, we can totally set up an engagement session and do it there! If the only time I will be traveling to your homeland is on your wedding date, then we can still set one up, but travel costs will apply.

What if I don't like my pictures?

I am 100% confident you will love your images. I’ve been in the photography business “officially” for almost 4 years, but have been doing this thang since my son was a little bitty potato (he’s turning 8 soon). If you don’t like the images because it doesn’t fit the style you like, then you probably don’t like any of my work. Really, all of my images are consistent and within my artistic style. I promise you will ADORE them.

What if you're not available on my date?

The only way to know for sure if I will be available (in-state or travel) is if you reach out to me! haha. If you’re flexible, we could totally book my closest available date! I’ve had a few brides change their wedding date a week, even a few days to when I was available. The only way to book and reserve your date is by paying the retainer and signing the contract. My wedding season fills up fast, and I get many inquiries for the same dates. Because of this, I do my best to hold the date, but if I haven’t heard from the couple and they have not paid their retainer or signed the contract, I move forward with the next couple. If you inquire and I don’t have your date, just hang tight! Things can change within a few days!

What is your style?

I photograph the funny, the crazy, the intimate, the fun, the drunk, and the wine haha. I’m a seeker of natural light. I edit (most of) my images bright, soft, with a hint of contrast! But although I edit and shoot in natural light (that’s the only way to get the style you see throughout my website), I can take photos in any situation. I know how to create great work in dark areas, receptions, rainy days, harsh sun and so much more. It’s about knowing how to accommodate in those situations! That’s why I’m a pro at what I do.

What exactly is included in your packages?

What you see on my website is what you get! Except for the taxes that I have to legally charge in the invoice. That’s 6.3% of the total cost and yes, its mandatory, the state will kill me.

Do you curse all the time?

Only while I’m rapping to myself in the shower. Just kidding (not really). I am just 100% me but I also know about respect and manners. I won’t curse at your wedding or in front of your grandma.

Do you offer payment plans?

I don’t offer custom payment plans, but you can split the wedding payments in 3: non-refundable $1000, then the remainder split into 2. the last and third final payment is due 60 days before your wedding. Just hit me up and let’s work something out!

How do we book you?

Yay! If you’re looking at this, that means we are clicking! I know you’ve spent your valuable time reading my website, so thank you. You’re dedicated about searching for the right photographer, and that’s serious work. Booking is super easy! All you have to do is fill out the contact form. After that, I send over a proposal with a contract and a non-refundable $1000 retainer invoice. Once the package is picked, the contract is signed AND retainer is paid, then we are all book and ready to party!