Is this you??

The word “Lightroom” and “editing” scare the crap out of you
You keep struggling to make consistent work
You edit in Lightroom and feel like something is “off” but don’t know what it is
The greens are just way to neon for you. yuck!

You cant figure out your editing style yet.
You see a few moody images on Instagram and are instantly IN LOVE
You wonder how the hell you’re ever going to get your images to look that amazing
You doubt your work all the time and sometimes feel like giving up


“ Quisque quis diam orci. Sed suscipit iaculis cursus. Morbi nisi neque, euismod eu ultricies ut, pretium non felis … “

- Chris & Joy


Are these going to match my style?

Mauris nec varius urna. Nullam sit amet aliquam turpis, ac sagittis dolor. Suspendisse sodales ante vel velit scelerisque suscipit. Phasellus sapien massa, elementum vel tempus vel, euismod vitae ex.

Alex & Jenny