Out of all the photos on your phone...

How many are YOU in?

If you’re like me, your answer is 5 out of 3000. One day, you’ll want to travel back to this time. The time where you watched your baby laugh for the first time or when you watched your grammy cuddle herself to sleep with your baby.

As we all grow older, with no more physical pictures as the new normal, those memories will fade quickly inside your brain until you find that one printed photo hidden in the back of your closet that takes you back to that exact place.

Your life as-is RIGHT NOW deserves to be documented. Each photo you take is a legacy you leave behind for the next generation. Let’s freeze that legacy in something other than your iPhone.



For details and availability, please inquire using the contact form. The 45-minute portrait sessions with a professional styling guide and expert posing begin at $395 (physical and digital images sold separately). Product Collections begin at $1300.

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5 biggest mistakes

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“What do I do with my hair? How do I prepare my children? Do I wear pants or a dress?” With SO many questions in your head, its not wonder sometimes it can get a little stressful. I prepared a guide on the 5 biggest mistakes clients make before their session, and what to do instead! Enter your details below to get them!


documentary with true emotion