How To Tell If You Pick The Right Hair And Makeup Artist

Picking the right bridal Hair and Makeup Artist is tricky. If you’re spending money on a badass photographer, you have to get a badass Makeup artist to go along with it. You want to be flawless (insert Beyonce song here).
Sometimes it could be difficult to know if you’ve made the right choice because you’re naturally worried about every single decision you made. After all. you want your wedding to come out perfect.
I’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Lorissa Kyle, a hair and makeup artist here in AZ  that’s to create this short little guide that will help you ease your worries about picking the right makeup artist to do the job. We’ve come up with 6 things a good HMUA will do and have. This guide will help you determine if you gotta keeper (or you need to run).
1. Social Media Proof – Ok, I know that social media doesn’t define you. There are great Artists that don’t have a HUGE social media following, but it’s important to have some following and LOTS of testimonials online to back up their work. Look at their social media, are they posting work often? Are they showing before and afters’? Are people actively commenting or liking their work? How do they respond when you contact them? If they aren’t posting and take 3 days to respond to your DM’s, how are you going to trust they will be there (and on time) on your wedding day? A good business responds quickly.
2. They Answered All Your Questions – A good HMUA will answer any questions you have and make sure you leave feeling confident about your decisions. If you feel super confused and have a million questions after you met with them, then they didn’t do a good job relating information to you.
3. They do an amazing job at your trial  – First off, If you don’t know what a trial is because they didn’t offer you one, run the other way. A good makeup artist will offer a trial session. This is where she does your hair and makeup and gets a feel for what you like or don’t like. This is a great opportunity for you to see how they glam you up, how their personality is (do you guys click?) and ask more questions. If you don’t like the look, don’t call it quits right away, talk about your dislikes and see if she can change it. Remember that they know how to do the simplest to the smokiest of looks, and they won’t know what you don’t like if you don’t speak up about it.
4. They Know All Things Skin – Did you know a licensed HMUA has to have cosmetology training? yup. A cosmetologist is someone who is an expert in the care of hair and makeup as well as skincare and beauty products. Yes, it’s a legit career. You need schooling and lots of training in dermatology and good hygiene. They have to be able to analyze people’s faces to accentuate to determine what and where to highlight and shape eyebrows, apply eyeliner, lashes, shadows. Its all measuring and math!
5. They leave you feeling like a queen – How comfortable and confident did you feel after the trial? Did you leave feeling like you guys didn’t understand each other? or that you wished she would have done XYZ? A good artist will make you feel like you guys are friends. She makes sure you love your look and knows exactly what you want to achieve. If your jaw didn’t drop when you looked at yourself in the mirror and you didn’t instantly want to hug her (because you adore your makeup), then she’s not the right HMUA for you, boo.
6. They are calm and collected – On a stressful day, like your wedding, will they be able to stay stressed-free in such a pressured environment? Makeup artists stress about the wedding day as much as you do. they have a huge responsibility to make you and your soul sisters look amazing. They are scheduled first on the timeline for a reason, and if they mess up your hair or makeup, it will show on all the images of your day. This is a BIG DEAL. their work will be seen by so many people present at the wedding and forever in the wedding photos. It’s hard not to stress when they have so much pressure on their shoulders, but do they keep it calm and together anyway? it’s a good idea to ask others that have worked with the HMUA to see how they acted on their wedding day. Look at all the reviews online, reviews on Instagram comments, and what people are saying about them on their personal profiles.
In the end, choosing the right artist could be both easy and hard. If they have social media, follow them. Ask them as many questions as you can think of. The right one will give you a million answers and beyond, the wrong one will get annoyed with you and give you one-word answers. Look at their style, previous clients; if you can meet beforehand, DO IT! Dig into their personality a little. Are they funny? Make you feel comfortable?


Hi friends! My name is Lois. I’m a 27-year old mommy of a sassy 10-year-old going on 20, Ciara Christine and a little heart-melt, Christopher Michael. I have a huge passion for Jesus, beauty, fashion and inspiring people to find their purpose to make a difference in the world. I hope that by reading my blog, watching my video, or even scheduling a one-on-one makeup class, you’ll find some inspiration to embrace your strengths, weaknesses and to fall in love with yourself!

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