Photo Editing Programs & Hacks That Saved Me DAYS of Editing Time

Look, I feel you. unfortunately, our job isn’t done when the sessions are over.

let’s be honest, right when the session is over, the hardest part begins.

You get home around 7 O’clock, pull your hard drive out of your computer bag, plug it in- maybe it takes 5 minutes for the drive to read on your computer.

Then you insert your memory card, back the files up, take another 10 to 20 minutes, check on the kids, start dinner, come back to check if they are done; They aren’t. Go back and finish dinner, serve everyone, go back to your computer with your dinner plate and ask your husband to put the kids to bed. Again.


I know how time consuming this job can get, I KNOW your time is valuable..
I know how incredibly long it takes to cull images in Lightroom.

It’s a pain, and before you know it, its 10:00 pm and your still half way through the culling process.
I WAS THERE. This was my life. I lived it after every session.
But now, my life has changed. I discovered these wonderful hacks that saved me so much time.

That means no more coffee at 10:00 pm that kept me up past midnight.

I starting culling in 5 to 10 minutes’ tops! And that’s why I want to share these 3 hacks that honestly, I cannot live without.


It gave me so much time back and time is precious…..& I want to share these with you, so you can have more time with your family and less time drinking 3 shots of Expresso.



#1- Photo Mechanic – This program is hands down the best thing I have ever found. It makes culling so much easier and now I get to eat dinner with my family and still have time to pick out my favorite images after a session with enough time to send my clients a few. It browses through RAW images in seconds! You can try it for 30 days here

#2 – Portraiture by Imagenomic– this plug in is amazing for smoothing out skin. You can literally turn your subject into a porcelain doll, if that’s your style, within seconds. I use it in all my senior sessions on low opacity and it makes the world of different and saves me so much time from cloning out imperfections. The best part is, you can download it for Photoshop and Lightroom ?

#3 – Import presets- I can’t stress this enough. Having a preset for your images as your importing then to Lightroom has changed the game. Before using this method, I was taking 7 to 10 minutes editing just one image! I know your probably thinking “that’s not even a lot of time!” well just think about how much time that is if your editing 70, 100, even 200 for a wedding gallery. That’s 11 hours to 33 hours a gallery.  I have been able to cut down editing time by 9 hours by using import presets. That’s more than a full day of work, a whole night of sleep, or a zoo day with my family.

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