Mini Sessions

WELCOME! I’m so excited that you made it here! Mini sessions are my most popular of portraits and I can’t wait to get you and your loved ones behind my camera!

What’s a mini session? Typically, a mini session is anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes in length for more than half the price. The experience is still the same. You still get amazing photographs, and I still send my regular session style guide to you, its just a little shorter to fit different needs. For example, I recommend mini sessions for families with mall children because they 1, get cranky very quickly, and 2, their attention span is not very long. My regular sessions are 1 – 1.5 hours long, and I can’t even tell you how many times we had to end a session or stop in the middle because the kiddos needed a break! (which is totally fine by the way! it just cuts into our shooting).

Is 25 minutes even enough time? YES! Trust me, a good photographer can get a whole set of portraits in just 5 minutes! It’s all about knowing what you’re doing and having a posing system in place before the session. Having a system helps me move through a session very quickly and still capture a variety of poses!

Why should I invest in a mini session? There are so many reasons why you should invest in photography for you and your loved ones, but I believe the most important one is TIME. The time that you have with your family is short, they will grow before your eyes. The mommy snuggles go away and soon they won’t even want to kiss your cheek in public. Photographs are a great heirloom that when you look at them, they literally take you back in time to those memories.

How do I book? Once you have decided on a timeslot, I will send you a contract and invoice. At the very least, the payment has to be made in order to book your spot. If someone else wants your timeslot and is ready to make a payment, they are welcome to book that time. I cannot reserve any spots without payment. Once the payment is made, the style guide will be sent to you with the address of the location! All payments are final and non-refundable.

How does it work? Each session is 25 – 30 minutes long. The time that you choose is your session start time. It’s so important that you arrive 10 minutes early to your session! There are other sessions before and after yours, so if you arrive 15 minutes late, you will only have 10 minutes to shoot your session. You are more than welcome to stay and wait until after the sessions are over to try and recoup your time, but it will be dark and hard to photograph by that time. If you are late or do not show up, I cannot refund you. I saved that time slot for you and therefore, prevented me from booking other clients during that time.


OCTOBER 21st 2018 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM

Chandler, AZ

By Gilbert rd and the 202.

Actual GPS location will be given after payment



Mini Session

25 – 30 Minute Portrait Session – 25 – 30 minutes of shooting, up to 1 outfit choices at 1 location. Location is selected by the photographer.
High-Resolution Images – You will receive 20 edited, high-resolution images.
Online Gallery – You will receive an online gallery of all of your images where you can share, download and print (at Walgreen’s prices!) that will remain up for one year.
Copyright release for personal use of the images – A print release will be included so you can print your images wherever you like 🙂
Portrait Style Guide – customized style guide to help you and your family pick the perfect outfit that looks elegant and photographs beautifully

tax: $6.72

If you are ready to make some magic, please fill out the form below. The better I know you, the more fun the session will be!

NOTE: If you don’t have a facebook/Instagram, just write “none” in the blank so the form is submittable. Any answers left blank will cause the form to go wacko lol

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