How To Successfully Postpone Your Wedding Without Breaking Your Bank!

In my last blog post, I talked about how to prevent COVID-19 from ruining your wedding day. With the new CDC recommendations being pushed, businesses and wedding vendors are being forced to close down for 30 days. With your venue closing down, postponing your wedding is your next best option.


If you do it right, you won’t have to spend any more money out of your pocket to change your wedding date. I’m going to share 5 effective and smart ways to postpone your wedding, without it breaking your bank!

1. PICK A NEW WEDDING DATE THAT YOUR VENDORS HAVE IN COMMON – Before you go picking a wedding date on the calendar, make sure all your vendors are ok with the change free of charge and are have the same date available. How do you do this? Simple, send a mass email! Call your venue and check what dates they have available and literally send an email CC-ing every vendor involved asking 1, what is your date change policy and 2, out of these dates, which ones do you have available. Make sure, at the very least, your most important and expensive vendors have the same date open. This includes your venue, photographer, videographer, planner, and florist.

Note: If Saturday or Sundays are full, chose a day of the week instead! There’s nothing wrong with a Tuesday wedding. It’s still the same amount of love.


2. ANNOUNCE THE CHANGE TO YOUR GUESTS – Now that you have a new date, it’s important to gather a new guest count. Make a Facebook post, email your people, and do whatever you have to do to make it known. With the date changing, friends RSVP’s might change too. You might have a big number that can make it now! Or a number of guests that won’t be able to. With a smaller guest list, you could ask your venue for a price change on the difference. Most of the time they will do that for you! You may also be able to save money on alcohol or food as well.

NOTE: If you postponed due to COVID-19, and you ordered your invites from Zazzle, they are giving credit and re-printing with new dates for FREE. This offer expires April, 30th 2020.


3. FIND NEW VENDORS THAT ARE AVAILABLE – I’m going to be real here, it’s not 100% guaranteed that you’ll be able to postpone your wedding with all your all old vendors. There will be at least one or two that won’t be available and THAT’S OK!! Your safety comes first before anything else. Most vendors during this time are offering low deposit fees to book with them. 

So with some vendors not being available comes the question, “SHOULD I GET MY DEPOSIT BACK?”

Here’s the hard answer to this question: Don’t expect your deposit back. If they give it to you, that’s amazing. Expect, however, your balance waived. No one is using your deposit to party.

“A balance doesn’t only serve to reserve a date. The deposits are in place because the person you hired has done a solid amount of the work required to date, whereas the balance serves to cover the work that’s left to be done and the event itself.” “Once I’ve saved the date, my retainer is used to book second shooters and purchase film and possibly travel with a client’s event in mind. The retainer is to cover the cost of doing business. I pay my team 50 percent to hold their dates, and then the balance no later than two weeks prior to the event. Should a client cancel, I’d use that retainer to manage the expenses and time already invested in their event.”- Bazzar

Wedding vendors rely on booking income to feed their families. Remember that its also not their fault, they are worried and scared just like you, and they still had to pay taxes on the deposit you sent them.  Some vendors, like me, are willing to give back deposits if they book another couple on your old date, but this is NOT the industry standard.

4. CONSIDER DIY-ING SOME THINGS – If vendors are hard to find, consider DIY-ing things such as florals. You can also support another small business and buy on Etsy! Etsy has a variety of paper flowers that look so realistic, people will walk up and smell them. You can also check on Youtube and Pinterest for ideas. The possibilities are endless.


5. IF IT ALL DOES SOUTH, ELOPE. – I pray that this doesn’t happen, but we still have to talk about it. If you’re not able to postpone due to vendors being booked out, family emergencies, etc, elope instead! All you need is your officiant, photographer and/or videographer, a nice mountain, and your immediate family. You can make plans for a reception later, with your photographer and videographers also attending.

Lastly, I just want to say, YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU GOT THIS! I’m here for you and I understand postponing is such a hard decision. Keeping you and your family safe is the number one goal. While schools, jobs, and other plans get postponed, remember that LOVE IS NEVER CANCELED. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you marry the love of your life.


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