Session Preparation Guide

This guide is going to walk you through the process of a photo shoot here at Gabby Canario Portraits. We are so excited to get you in for your glam experience! Look through this guide and if you have any questions, feel free to email or call us.

What would I do with portraits of myself?

I hear this question so many times. Portraits are one of the best gifts you can give YOURSELF, to capture the way you are now. When you need a reminder of the strong, beautiful woman that you are, you will have a collection of amazing portraits to look upon. The images we will create together will boost your self-confidence and transform the way you see yourself. 








payment plan

"If you ever want to love someone, love yourself unconditionally first."


Must-Bring Items

Creating the best images requires a few things from you. These items help us style you in the best way possible.

Nails, Hair, & Skin

Preparing for your portraits is vital to creating the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself. Trust the process, follow the suggestions, and let us create the best images of YOU.


•Arrive at your session with your hair clean and completely dry.

Do NOT straighten your hair or put any product in your hair unless otherwise discussed during your online consultation.

•Make sure that your roots have been touched up before your shoot. Your roots will show if they are not touched up properly.

Do NOT drastically change your hair or your hair routine the week before your session.

Do NOT flat iron your hair before the session.


•Hands play a very important role in your portraits.

•Toenails should be clean and clear or any polish if you are doing a barefoot look.

Do NOT use neon or bright acrylic or gel on the toes or fingers. Nails should be neatly trimmed.

•You can use a natural matted polish for your nails for a fresh look.

•Acrylics should be nude & matted or a color we discuss at your consultation. 

Come the morning of your session with your skin completely clean and free of all makeup & moisturizers.

Remove any unwanted body and facial hair a few days before your shoot.

Apply daily moisturizer, morning and night, every day up until your session date. Do this starting 2 weeks before your session. Hydrating facials are always recommended 3 days prior!

Do NOT Drastically change your skincare routine the week before as it can result in breakouts prior to your shoot.


Do NOT tan or get a spray tan. Do not go out in the sun without at LEAST SPF 50 on your skin for a week before your session.


Do NOT do chemical peels the week of your session or try anything new on your skin.

Planning Your Day

Here’s how normal portrait session plays out. Plan accordingly and remember to count your traveling time.

  • 10 AM

    Hair and makeup starts!

  • 12 PM

    We start our photo session

  • 2:00 PM

    Session is done! You're on your way home.

  • 3 weeks

    time for your reveal! 

  • 8 weeks

    You'll have your products at your door ready to be put on your wall 🙂

  • 10 AM

    Hair and makeup starts!

  • 12 PM

    We start our photo session

  • 1:00 PM

    We take a break! You go out to lunch while i prepare your images!

  • 2:00 PM

    Time for your reveal! We will look at your images straight of out my camera. You'll place our orders then.

  • 3:00 PM

    You go home! We do all the editing and you'll have your portraits done and delivered in 3 weeks.

Here are the most frequently asked questions. Read through them and if any other questions arise, feel free to send an email or call.

We take 20 pounds off in just the right posing alone! We will do everything in our power to make sure you look the most flattering in camera. While we don’t normally alter your body, this is YOUR session, and if you want a little slimming or tucking, we’ll be happy to do so!

We remove pimples, bruises, scratches, and under-eye circles. We also offer to retouch cellulite, scars, small tattoos, stretch marks, etc. that you may choose to have removed. We will not, however, remove tan lines or correct skin tone from tans.

You’re back with a guarantee that if you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them. My job is to create the best images you’ve ever seen, so be prepared to love them all.

We offer an in-house payment plan for all orders over $1200. Products/images won’t be delivered until the final payment is complete.

We ask that you only bring the people that will be photographed. Please do not bring any children that will be unattended. This day is about YOU. Any distractions will create a negative experience for you.

The normal Portrait Sitting Fee is $675. This could change depending on how many hours, people, and looks you want to photograph. Products begin at $300 for a single product or $1200 for bundles.