How To Nail The Sparkler Exit Photo – For Couples

How To Nail The Sparkler Exit Photo? Sparkler exits are the most fun and popular ways to end the wedding night! Your guests are the most hype during this time too and you only get about 2 minutes before the light runs out of those things! While I know how to capture a good sparkler exit (photo and lighting wise), there are some things that you and your partner (and guests!) must do to make the exit a success! Here are some ways you can prepare for the sparkler exits so your photographer captures the best shots!



1. Don’t Run, Walk (slowly)

Many couples think that they need to rush it before the sparkler lights go away, but this is not true at all. You can take your time walking down the aisle of people and enjoy the moment. The first sparklers lit will be the firsts to go out, so by the time you’re in the middle, you can’t even see the sparklers in the back so you’re all good! The sparklers can last up to 2 minutes anyway.


2. Plan It Away From The Light

Plan the sparkler exit away from harsh lighting such as the entryway lights or streetlights. In order for the shot to look dark and festive, it needs to be a little dark, this way only the sparkler lights are in the shot and not the exit signs.


3. Get More Than Plenty Of Sparklers

one sparkler per person is not gonna cut it. It may look like enough in person, but in the photo, there will not be enough light to get that cool glow. Make sure you get enough to give 2 per person. They can hold one on each hand or 2 in one hand. This will guarantee enough light for the photo!

4. Stop In The Middle

The coolest shots are the ones where the couple is kissing in the middle! Make sure you stop in the middle for a few seconds and add your own little personality to the images! This could be a simple kiss, kiss salsa dip, James bond pose, holding hands with arms up, etc. Make sure you do it for a few seconds so your photographer captures the shot. Stop a few times, play around, get crazy, chug a beer, the possibilities are endless!


5. Give Your Guests A Task


Get A few people to be the designated lite masters. Usually, the coordinator will organize this pretty efficiently but still, get a few just in case. Once you get a few sparklers going, other guests can help lite up their neighbor’s sparklers so it’s ready even faster!

6. Get Long Sparklers

The 42cm burn for 2 minutes, while the 72cm burn for 3 minutes. This is plenty of time to get photographs and still have fun with them a little. I suggest that you also purchase a pack of lighters! Lot’s of couples forget about this and end up running around asking for some.


7. Redo It

Sometimes it looks better when the sparklers have been lit for a while! If I yell out “One more time!” go back to the starting point and walk again (you can walk faster this time)! Lots of couples love the second round plus it gives you more time to play and more images, yes!










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