How to gain more organic followers on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the best tools for business. What started off as a kid’s app turned into a profit wagon for local business.

If you’re running a small business, or pan on running one. Instagram could be very beneficial to you.


Here’s a few small tricks to gain more organic followers who will love your work and in return, buy your products!


  1. Be yourself, and share yourself

Your future clients want to be able to connect to you in a deeper level. They want to know that there is a human behind all those fancy products. Sharing things about yourself can make that connection. That’s why Friday introductions are so popular! Learn to incorporate those into your Instagram feed


  1. Use hashtags wisely.

Using hashtags like #followme #instagramfollow that has 10M+ posts will not help you gain a loyal following. The followers that come from those hashtags will likely unfollow within hours. The key is to use hashtags that represent what you are doing. Are you a cook in the LA area? Use hashtags such as #LAcook #cookinginLA #bestLAFoods.

Make sure that the hashtags you use aren’t overly saturated or you won’t get discovered! Believe me, the more is NOT the merrier… use hashtags that are under 300,000 that way your post stays in someone’s view for longer.


  1. Post interesting and high-quality images.

Make sure that 90% of your images look good and are interesting. If you’re a shop owner, but are posting dark iPhone images, chances are your followers wont trust buying from you because they don’t see the quality of your product. If you are a public figure, post portrait photos of yourself. You don’t need a 3,000 dollar camera to post high quality looking images, you can purchase a camera such as the EOS Rebel T6 EF-S and it will a great starting camera (P.S, it’s a great for videos too.)


If you can’t afford that camera right now… Not to worry!

I can show you how to take high quality looking images… straight out of your iPhone! YOU HEARD RIGHT!

Stay tuned next week for the iPhone game changer ?

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