Coronavirus: Should You Cancel Your Wedding? Here’s 5 Tips You MUST SEE

The Coronavirus… also known as COVID-19 or aka the thing that’s breaking the internet better than Kim Kardashian. Its been the talk of the internet, news, and family dinner tables for a few weeks now. It’s scary out there right now, and not only do you have to deal with shutdowns of schools, jobs, and public parks but people are going nuts buying bulks in toiler paper, groceries, and water.

This illness is fast-spreading, and quarantine has been issued in many states and countries. Due to this, many businesses have shut down.

A wedding is a large gathering, and I understand the worry about having a big crowd of people together with this unknown virus in the air. If you’re getting married this year, you’re probably wondering what you should do. “Should I cancel my wedding?”  “Should I pause wedding planning altogether?”

Truth is, wedding planning during this time does not have to be scary! Good news, you don’t have to cancel your wedding because of this virus either. Although this is a worldwide pandemic, there’s no need to stop your plans. I made a list of 5 things you can do to prevent your wedding from being ruined.




A virus spreads with germs. Having a station where people can sanitize their hands and wear a mask if needed is a great way to protect yourself and others against getting sick. You can even give our mini hand sanitizers as favors! Make sure you have tissues, soap, and lots of wet-wipes handy for all your guests and move that station to the reception and cocktail hour.

FOOD TIP: If you’re still going to have your wedding as planned, ask your catering vendor to change your buffet to a plated dinner instead.



If your guests were supposed to travel for your destination, consider live-streaming your ceremony on Facebook or Instagram! This is a great way for them to stay safely at home while still being part of your big day. There are tripods for cellphones on Amazon for $17.99 (still in stock) like this Ashanks 43-Inch Cell Phone Tripod.



If your date is within the next 3 months, it’s possible that your wedding will be impacted. Talk to your venue to see if they have new policies in place, and consider shortening your guest list. Ask each person that already RSVP’d if they’d still be willing to attend or travel, and get that new number to send to your venue. You might even be able to get a discount from your venue due to the guest list decrease.

If your venue closes down, get your money back from them, and elope instead! Elopements are great because they just require you, your fiance, an officiant, your photographer, and your immediate family. You can even have a small reception with those same people in a family member’s backyard. Fewer people = fewer germs too, just saying.



Wedding insurance is something you’d probably didn’t even know existed! Yup, they exist and they are great because they cover things such as canceled weddings, lost photos, lost rings, wedding injuries, all expenses, and so much more. If you have to postpone the wedding, most insurances cover the cost of the extra expenses to make that happen. Insurance may cost between $150 – $600, it just depends on how much coverage you’re looking for. You can learn more about wedding insurance here.



There’s nothing wrong with postponing your wedding to a later date! If you’re traveling from another state, worried about your income, or just want to stay safe, postponing is a great option. Ask your venue and photographer if they have another date available. Make sure the venue and photographer both have the same date open so that way you don’t have to pay more money to find a new photographer. Tell all your guests about the change as quickly as possible. Heck, make a Facebook post if you have to. If you don’t have a set date, that’s fine too. Just make sure your venue knows and ask your vendors about their date-change policy.


Lastly, the most important thing is to stay safe! As long as you follow the CDC’s rules for protecting yourself and your family then you should be ok. Remember that there have only been 10 reported cases in Arizona, so there’s no need to go on panic mode yet. More people have died from the flu last year than the coronavirus.



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