How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Picking the perfect wedding dress is probably as stressful as taking 10 kids to soccer practice in your beat up, half running minivan. It’s stressful— and tiring. And from all the planning, guest list making, invitation sending, to the 5 shots of espresso you had after you had after searching for hours online, its time you decided on a few. BUT, you just love so many!

Your wondering if maybe you should just wear your mother-in-law’s old wedding dress as she begged you to do and call it a day. It’s easier anyway, right?

Actually, no. Please everyone else leaves no room to enjoy the things you would like. It’s your wedding day and you should be able to shop for a wedding dress without feeling like you’re running for president. I’ve listed a few tips that would help you feel less stressed about the shopping side of finding a dress, so you can enjoy shopping with your girls!

1. Have your budget set – I recommend having this set in stone before going dress shopping. You don’t want to be out and about, find the “PERFECT, I-GOTTA-HAVE-IT” dress, only to ring it up and it’s $3,000 and now you have no money for the venue you’ve been dreaming of since you were, like, 8. (This would be me, not going to lie.) Pro Tip: Always start shopping for the lower budget dresses and then work your way up. Sometimes brides find the perfect dress in under $500! You never know what they have on the sale rack either. If this was me, I would head there first.


2. PIN, PIN, PIN – Using Pinterest for ideas is probably of the easiest to get ideas. You can search through a variety of styles and pin them on a board. The cool thing about it is, you can make your board private, so no one else can see it. If you want to surprise everyone with a one-of-a-kind princess dress, this is the way to do it. Do some research. Buy a few bridal magazines. heck, cut out all the images you love and put them in a binder so everyone has an idea of what to look for when you are searching the boutique. (hint: show this binder to the associate at the bridal boutique, it helps!)


3. Think about the style (theme) you love – Having a theme set, or a color board for your wedding can be a big help! If you’re planning a BOHO wedding, finding a dress that matches your theme would be ideal because the last thing you want is for your dress to clash with your wedding style. Also, if your into these kinds of things, maybe taking a fun little “What is Your Bridal Style” quiz that tells you your dress type, would give you some ideas.

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4. Take your besties with you – Chances are, if you take your besties with you, they will be straight up honest and tell you if you look good in a certain dress or not (I know I would do the same). Finding the perfect dress, in my opinion, means finding something that looks bomb on my body while being light-weight enough to use the bathroom without any assistance. For this, you need your bestie to tag along. The sales associate isn’t going to tell me that my butt looks too big (or small), but my best friend will. She also inst going to cry with you when you find the right dress and start realizing that you will be married soon. Yes, there’s a lot of emotions happening–and you need your closest friends to hold your hand for it.


5. Plan to go dress shopping WAYYY in advance – Finding a dress TAKES TIME. Lots of time that we don’t have as we get closer to the wedding date. Most dress boutiques can take up to 2 months to have your dress ready–some even more. So make sure you start finding the dress you want early, even if you decide you want to lose a few inches first. There’s a lot of measuring that’s involved when finding your dress, just remember, bridal sizes are typically different then your actual dress size, so don’t freak out if you went up 2 dress sizes, because you didn’t.


6. Write down your dream dress characteristics – Yup! Just like a photographer would write down an ideal client characteristic list, having a dream dress characteristic list could be very beneficial when going out dress shopping. What is your dream dress look like? does it open in the back? does it make you feel like J-Lo at the Grammies? Does it have a super long princess-like vail? write, write, write! If you have an artistic eye, you could even sketch it out. The more information you have about the dress you want, the faster it would be to find your dream dress.


Remember to stay true to you. This is YOUR wedding day, not your sisters or mothers. Yes, you love them and don’t want to hurt their feelings but this is your moment. You only get this special day one time in your life, so wear what you love.


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