5 Reason Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Are you thinking about hiring a wedding planner but don’t know if its the right time, or even the right thing to do? Or maybe you just think you can do it all on your own and don’t really need a planner? or maybe, you’re like “Aren’t coordinators and planners the same thing??”. Hmmm. They aren’t actually. This post will help you get an idea of what a wedding planner does and when you should budget in for one!



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1. You’re planning a destination wedding

Having a wedding in another state or even another country can be difficult. Imagine trying to find vendors and venues where you don’t even know the area? Ahhhh, yeah, sounds exhausting. Hiring a planner in the area you’re traveling to is the best decision you’ll make. Trust me, no one knows the area better than a planner from, well, the area lol. Your planner will know all the Destination Wedding Do’s an Dont’s — This goes for elopements too, having a planner that can find good locations to elope is a must. They’ll know what you need and help you apply for any permits if needed.

2. You have a vision but have no idea how to make it real life

A wedding planner is not a coordinator. A coordinator works for the venue. they make sure your in and out of the venue by a certain time, no matter what you forgot to do. A wedding planner works for YOU and makes sure your wedding ideas come true. If you’re ever flipping through pages, changing ideas, or trying to figure out how to put everything together in one wedding (😓maybe I need a two-day event?) then a planner will be perfect for ya! Not only do they help you narrow down ideas, but they will give you honest opinions about what they think, what should go together, and how to make everything flow flawlessly.


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3. You don’t have time to plan

With saving, planning, and having full-time jobs, (and maybe college classes) there’s barely any time to sit down and plan anything. When you just feel overwhelmed and have way too much on your plate, its a good idea to turn to a pro planner to help you take that weight off your shoulders. A wedding planner will make sure your wedding vision comes to life while making sure you don’t stress over any details. You’ll be surprised how great you’ll feel not having to worry about your wedding day!

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4. You’re having a hard time sticking to your budget (or maybe you don’t know what budget you should have).

Depending on your package, your wedding planner will be in charge of making sure all your wedding expenses are under your budget. Because they help you set realistic budget expectations, you can be sure that you won’t have a surprise bill in your mailbox. Not only do they help you stay on the budget, but they also contact all the wedding vendors for you! So you have a little personal wedding assistant talking to everyone and making sure they match your personality and vision. If you need a budget sheet to start, you can download a free one here.



5. You just want to relax and enjoy your engagement phase.

Your engagement phase is one of the most romantic and most memorable times of your love together. Its the start of your #forvever, and it would suck if all your remembered was stress and hustle. You should get to enjoy your engagement, go on dates, staycations, and just really love each up on each other. Having a planner will make it so that you can enjoy that.


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