5 Biggest Wedding Photo Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

The 5 biggest wedding photo mistakes you don’t want to make

Your photographer will do their very best to get the perfect shots that show the true beauty of your wedding day. From the ceremony details to the drunk-dancing shots at the receptions, we make sure everything looks amazing and shows the fun of the day. Sometimes it’s a little tricky to capture certain shots because of these small but preventable things that happen during the day. I took some images from handy-dandy google to, not only tell you about them but show you what it looks like if those small mistakes aren’t handled.


Mistake #1: Phones all up in the ceremony

I love that your family wants to capture this moment! I can’t blame them either! But maybe having an unplug ceremony would be a good option for you if you know everything has a Snapchat account. Trust me, your photographer will capture these moments and they will be able to see them in your gallery. Sometimes the phones cover the entire couple making it impossible for us photographers to capture you two walking down the aisle. You paid thousands of dollars for us to capture this moment, help us do it with an unplugged ceremony 🙂

phones at the wedding ceremony ruining the photo 5 Biggest Wedding Photo Mistakes You Don't Want









Photo credit: http://www.cordelephotography.com/


Mistake #2: Phones during the big entrances

Another wedding photo mistake that’s easily missed. To be honest, phones are actually not distracting during the reception, unless its the first dances. But if someone pulls out their giant iPad to snap a photo, it could end up getting in the way and possibly ruin the image (hint, the face is covered by the iPad in this image below). I would tell your guest to keep the iPads and tablets away if they can.


Mistake #3: Guest snapping photos during photographer time

Sometimes we have that one uncle that has his own camera and wants to be the photographer for the whole night. I’m totally OK with that as long as he’s right next to me and not cutting in front of the shots! FYI if I see this, he will become my assistant “here, hold the reflector really quick so I can shine some light into their faces”.

Photo by: Jamie Grill / Getty Images



Mistake #4: First kiss photo-bomber

THIS! About 90% of brides don’t think about these small little details, but it can make the world of difference if you ask the officiant to step to the side for a quick second after they announce the first kiss. I always ask the officiants if they can step to the side right before they announce the first kiss so I am able to get a cleaner shot 🙂 Sometimes they forget though! So it’s a good idea for the couple to remind them beforehand as well 🙂

photo by: Luster Studios


Mistake #5: Colorful DJ light during the first dances

This one is another small detail that we don’t ever really think about but it can do some serious damage! The lights might look cool in person, but in the photos, well that’s a different story. Make sure your DJ knows not to turn on those colorful lights during the first dances. If he has white lights, those would be the best and ideal option. Stay away from blues and purple lights until the party starts!

Photo credit: www.merryweddings.com

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