13 Hot Wedding Trends Of 2019

13 hot trends of 2019? Wedding trends are like fashion, they evolve as the years go. SO, here’s a list of wedding trends (with pics) for 2019

1. Royal and simple wedding dresses

Photo credit: STEVE PARSONS/AFP/Getty Images)


2. Elopements

Photography by: Fabien Courmont


3. Outdoor Receptions (and during daylight hours)


4. Dresses that are not white


5. Non-traditional weddings

Matt Cowan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


6. Decked-out altars and ceremony


7. Pampas Grass (FYI Grass is less costly than flowers)


8. Custom Illustrations



9. 3-piece suit for the groom



10. Balloons

Photo: Ann Kathrin Koch


11. Confetti Exits

photo: Elizabeth Ladean


12. Family Style Dinner


family style dinning at el chorro venue in arizona


13. Groomsgirl, Bridesman, Man of honor, Best Girl

photo: New Seasons Photography



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